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What is ESSENCES OF GOD actually? It is like buying a ticket to enter a quantum field as an observer, each of the ESSENCES OF GOD is one order, one layer, a journey from 99 to 1. What is conceivable, what is conceivable here? When interacting with that rank, attaining the ability to internalize its truth through reason means reaching the absolute truth by advancing layer by layer on the journey of truth.

Why does this system exist? The system is a system designed entirely on the level of servitude, one of the kinds of creatures created by the Creator, and the use of the soul-loving person as an observer, not for others because only human beings have intelligence, others are not.

Others are other types and have other mechanics. Among them are the angels, demons, and intermediate species such as the fairy, none of them have a soul, they have something like a soul.

It is a rope that connects with the Creator, but that rope is not the soul. Melek acts with light energy, let’s not go into that subject too much, we told it a lot. Demons move with layer energy. what is layer energy? Since they are in a cycle in a certain frequency range, they use the intelligence of that frequency, they have no intelligence.

Something that is in the mind owners does not exist in any other, we call it insight. What we call insight is to weigh and decide on a measure. What makes human beings human is that they have the ability and the authority to make decisions. No other being, of course, has no authority and power to make decisions in known beings, the difference is here.

What is decision making? It is the ability to make decisions that establishes the link between quantum mechanics and man. Decision making person materializes an ongoing etheric system as soon as he decides. Let me give an example, the example is valid for ESSENCES OF GOD. You know what a wheel of fortune is, think of a spinning wheel with segments on it, wheels that are layered in circles stacked one after the other.

Let there be letters on each of them and they are constantly spinning, but you can stop these wheels whenever you want, you have such power. For example, turn the cogs to write a word or phrase. If a person just wanted to see the letter -A-, he stops the wheels, when he catches the letter A, his work is done, he walks away.

Another searches for a word, another is a sentence, and another does not leave the wheels to find that name used by Jesus Christ, who made the creation, the secret name of the Creator. In order to reach the truth, it is necessary to move from one state to another, so that each ESSENCES OF GOD corresponds to one aspect of the truth. When a person communicates with one of those names, he becomes an observer to the truth of that layer, and does this through reason. The creator has coded the mind of man accordingly, he can access the secrets of truth with his mind.

What is mind – what is logic, how is it different?

Logic means taking position, taking the most useful position you establish between yourself and other objects during an instant event is to make logic. For example, taking the shortest route is to create an equation between the conditions of the space, such as the least damage or the most profit.

Reason, on the other hand, is based on a certain principle, the principle in this account is to reach one, and since we will reach the hanger one on which we hang the ropes, making choices in the way of reaching one without considering benefit-profit-loss means using reason.

Logic equals self, mind equals spirit.

Any decision without the soul is not a mind decision because the soul basically uses the conscience as a scales, it can also consent to what is not for its benefit from the apparent, only because the conscience wants it or believes that the choice should be that way on the way to the truth.

On this journey, we will go through the layers of 99 essences and tell you about each of them in quantum mechanics.

Ibn Arabi says; I examined the order and meanings of ESSENCES OF GOD in my own way – with reason – I understood ESSENCES OF GOD, but I did not explain to explain them as required by the period, but in my book I made an evaluation on T Kırmızı’s list. The ranking of 99 essences was generally made by T Kırmızı.

What is ESSENCES OF GOD? Expressing the beautiful names of GOD in terms of ranks and ranges, Ibn Arabi calls the doors of state opening from one to the other, the road to the truth.

Ibn Arabi; While describing the ESSENCES OF GOD, he expresses how the existence of ESSENCES OF GOD can only exist with the human mind and that 99 names have been created only for the human mind and how man will pass from one name to another in order to become one with truth and unity.

Think of it like a pyramid, it narrows from the bottom to the top, and all the lines meet in one point.

ESSENCES OF GOD are lines and they all meet in truth at one point. The place where all the names come together means the completed place, and the human reaches the last point by passing from state to state.