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I keep telling myself, “Are you a crazy brother?” But I can’t stop, my feet are dragging me somewhere However, the weather is not like rubbing the streets. Like all other cities, Istanbul has been crushing under the snow for a few days. School holidays, nobody wants to take to the streets. I suddenly find myself in Beyazıt Square Ich weiß nicht warum ich hier bin

The snow continues to nibble. The streets have willingly surrendered to their own fate and the white blanket that rained on them. A feeling, a strange feeling that I cannot describe, draws me towards Sultanahmet. I try to walk regardless.

In the early evening, some shadows try to take shelter somewhere in the silence, in the streets that have collapsed. On either side of Divanyolu Street, the old Ottoman graves and tombs stand between different buildings in a strange light, as if light had fallen on them. “We’re here, take a lesson, every soul will taste death.” as spiritual as wanting to convey his message. Does anyone take it? I dont know.

I’m in Sultanahmet Square, there is a strange spirituality again everywhere, it seems to be pregnant with very complicated things at night. Blue mosque and the complex buildings around it under a magnificent yellow light: “Don’t go by without seeing.” as if one had said.

I am impressed by the yellow light and how it looks. I look in awe of the mosque and its surroundings. The tram goes by. Even the tram looks different to me. I shoot at the tram as if I received a signal from Sultanahmet in the direction of Sirkeci.

Everywhere I walk there is a yellow light, as if I were protecting myself in long shadows. I’m in Sirkeci and I’m going towards the sea. Why I’m here? I dont know. Strong waves from the sea mix with the sound of the wind. Car noises suddenly disappear. Then I hear someone whistling from the steamer as if it were a signal. There is a ferry at Adalar Pier in Sirkeci, I don’t know why, I am drifting again.

The ferry is looking at me, I am the ferry. I am amazed how is it possible that there is a ferry when suddenly everything is on vacation and it is about to leave? A few passengers get on the ferry. My confusion is still not over. I think maybe the steamer is going down. Yeah what if it sinks? My eyes fall on the waves, hard, hard waves. “Those waves are sinking this steamboat, are they crazy, would they be steamboats in such weather?” In my opinion.

I approach the steamer with curiosity and meet a man, an old man who looks very old but looks very strong. He looks deep into my eyes. Suddenly I hear a voice in my head: “You will now get your ticket, the ferry is departing.” That voice says.

I obey what the voice says. While I was about to buy a ticket, I thought about whether I heard that voice, this man said these things, or whether I was getting out of my daydreams and caught up in one of my dreams.