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This study covers the entire ARS GOETIA CORPUS. It is the product of many years of work.


Let’s talk a little bit about it. We will do this through King Solomon’s mouth. But we will also include quantum science. In a conversation with his own son Roboam (son’s name), this is what Solomon said when he bequeathed this to him. “My son Roboam, I take the wisdom of my words from god. Take my words and learn the wisdom of God. (Speaking of Ars Goetia.) I called God’s most sacred name IAH (pronounced YAH). I prayed for wisdom. Closing my eyes hurt E HIMADIEL and HOMADIEL, the angels of God came. I wanted wisdom for justice. From what he told me, I understood the knowledge of what is in heaven and what is under heaven. Everything I know about the main Hi-Scan (ARS Goddess A) I wrote.

(It appeared in the literature with the name.) everything in the universe that will be in the future – I offer. ”

In short, the starting story of ARS GOETIA is here. Solomon asked God. He addressed him by his most sacred name. God sent his angel. And ye k some knowledge of t taught him. And these sciences are in ARS GOETIA.

King Solomon. So we are talking about a time of 3000 years. The Jewish King Solomon and the Prophet. When he asked God for wealth and wisdom that had never been given to anyone before, God gave him a science that would have it. This natural science, to include esoteric science, must communicate with the secret forces of the reindeer and learn their laws in accordance with these laws. You create a shortcut to run for yourself and open an almost divine system. All this information in the book called ARS GOETIA said. King Solomon wrote everything he knew in a book and bequeathed it to his son.

The book was about the occult sciences, the secret forces of the universe. Over time this book has been translated into different languages. After the first Latin Ancient Greek, he was translated into European languages ​​at that time taçağ when it comes to Europe. We both days today we can get this information from English sources. The original Hebrew book of the book is in the British Museum. It’s a real book. Book a few b b consists of my limousine. Lemegeton (Theurgia) has a part called ARS PAULINA called Angel Science. This area is totally angelic, I study with lectin. It is about the awakening of benevolent forces and angel amulets are made from it. Angel talismans are all associated with planets and of course angel names and planetary talismans are often used together. Every time an angel, a topic that he had worked on and that has time to get in touch with Lara.

ARS Goetia – the part directly to the ARS notary is magical there. So magical. The other part of the book deals with the spells, magic and talismans that are passed down to this day as DEMONOLOGY and are made by demons by the Wiccans in Europe. There are 72 Guardian Angels and Archangels. Their number is also 72 against any demon. A guardian angel g d is Revlin and protect people from these demons. However, it is worth mentioning a few details here. Although these demons are called demons in western.

Languages ​​that have been translated, Solomon calls them “spirits” in the original book. So it’s almost like duality. There are 72 contrasts. The benevolent and the wicked. All angels and planetary talismans are made for benevolent deeds and most of the time personal. Protecting yourself is like … the healing abundance of another through the process used, which must also be carried out. In other words, it is not used to harm or direct others. So he cleared protection, which is an important part of the book.

Only the angel and god is made on the talisman by ri There are no demon names in any of them. Demons will not be our subject in these lessons. Perhaps we’ll go into a little more detail about it in theory, but demon amulets are outside our scope. Demon enchants his evil to hurt the woman or used in amulets made for this purpose. After Solomon learned this science, he called these demons, called jinn (DEMONS), to build his temple, tied them up and made them work like slaves. So King Solomon was a person with all of these sciences and knew how to mobilize those forces. Other chapters of the book give very detailed information on alchemy – planets and magical rites. Important Our courses are also a non-water subject.

The reason is that I am never a tool for bad things. The other reason is that it is difficult to find the materials needed for magic. It takes up a lot of space and very complex materials, and it is very difficult for someone who is not professionally involved to obtain them. Since this is a very complex and labor issue, they want the great magic that these lessons ar A will be in the water.