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At that time, a caravan, moving towards the city of Alexandria, was drawing attention to this new god, while great festivals and rituals were being held in the city of Alexandria, and on the other hand in the torrid temperature of the desert, by the power of faith given to them by their own gods, and against the desert sands and trying to survive.There were 11 people in this mysterious caravan and it ended in seventies when they began to age. Atana, the youngest, was seven years old and was both an orphan and an orphan. Some of them in the Egyptian temple where they left; He was born without father, a human mother, god is not to be a father. Others claimed he was born and made of god mud. Others suggested that all this was not true, that his mother, who was born with a real mother and father, died while she gave birth to her, and that her father had disappeared.