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In short, bonding is the process of building loyalty. In other words, they are the techniques that allow you to establish a bond of affection with the people you present while presenting yourself, your works, your products and your projects, to establish loyalty and to be permanent.

As you know, every invention, every solution, every formula is developed to solve a problem. There is a problem, and inventions are made and techniques are developed to solve this problem. This program is something like this, so you are spending labor-time-money-energy to make things happen, on anything but what happens because this is not metaphysical alignment? Energy is absorbed quickly, efficiency cannot be obtained and loyalty cannot be achieved. This technique has been developed as a solution to this problem.

Metaphysical attunement; building loyalty, building a bond of love.

What’s in it?

Metaphysical adaptation to man; Let’s start with that. You meet a person, it can be a random meeting, it can be a planned meeting, it can be a business encounter in an environment, it can be an encounter of everyday life. If metaphysical attunement is not done from the outset, the results will not be fruitful. Non-compliance with a group, people sometimes work with groups, teams or various educational consultancy works, etc. If metaphysical adaptation is not achieved here, stability, permanence and continuity cannot be achieved.

Adaptation to masses with communication tools; Here you use facebook or something, you advertise for your business, you use news articles, if not adapted, the effect will dissipate like a soap bubble.

Adaptation to special groups of people; These are mentally ill-troubled-incomplete breach or self-patronized groups, business people, etc.

Adaptation to a product; You have a product, you have produced something, you want to create customer loyalty to it, buy it – buy it again – recommend it – establish a bond with the product, ensure stability.

Abundance means steady flow, that is, the increase of something that exists, that is, to provide a kind of abundance.

An attunement to an event; what is the event Getting married, getting engaged, organizing a trip, taking an exam, making a presentation, holding an event, these are included in the event class.

Adaptation to a place; workplace home cafeteria, places where something is produced, showcases where presentations are made, galleries, all kinds of places. Why is it important? Because our life passes in places and it is necessary to create loyalty, to establish a bond of love between the person and the place so that there is flow. Flow is very important, it keeps people alive.

Adaptation to a project; For example, making a movie is a project, a theater play, people teams, there are a lot of things in this, if there is no adaptation, it either ends before it starts or breaks down on the road, the system breaks apart, such things happened to all of you.

Some basic mechanical systems are used while ADAPTING, these are respectively:

1) You have to create a rhetoric of attunement: We call it constructing a structured language, creating a communication formula. If you cannot create a pattern, a stability, a certain order out of it, that is, without the rhetoric of metaphysical attunement, it will collapse before the process begins. We can call this a fair system. In other words, it should be clear in which cases you will give consent and in which situations you will give disapproval.

Rewarding, language, shape, so imagine two soldiers in the shooting test, both hitting the target at 12 but one is rewarded, the other is not, like this.

From smiling, you need to create complete clarity in terms of the words and concepts that you use, so justice must begin in language and behavior.

Let me give an example, if someone who is a bit charming can pull something from you and someone who is silent cannot get their due, then the rhetoric is broken, like this.