Metaphysical Answers to Metaphysical Questions (Book -1)


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This book covers the answers to the questions that arise during the training-lessons on Becoming Metaphysics. Metaphysics-Noetics- Religions- History of Religions- Esoteric- Behavioral Sciences- Our Behaviors- Development Secrets- Esoteric- Occult- Enoch Wisdom and many other questions asked by those who attended the training were answered by Mustafa KARNAS and this question was named as being Metaphysical with answers. educational information is included in this book. In the following five subjects; Being metaphysical; 1- Managing your own life 2- Managing the flow of events 3- leading the flow of destiny 4- Managing the future 5- Managing information


Mustafa KARNAS

BEING METAPHYSICAL Our topic is to manage the flow of destiny, how will we manage our destiny? How easy it is, but hard when you don’t know. Let’s examine the question of what is to know, knowing is like opening Matryoshka dolls, you go to the deepest, knowing at every trench becomes a function.

What else is to know? Knowing is holding, holding is determining a space between references, that is, knowing is measuring. The only reason we know is because we can measure, what we measure is what we perceive. What we perceive means something other than references created by what we know, what we know is what we learned by measuring, knowing also means understanding by changing the measures.


With each change of measure or reference, the shape of the information also changes, so the knowing function continues by updating the previously known. With these constantly changing references, even if the information is the same, with the measurements forming a different judgment on everyone, the projection of everyone will be different.

Knowing can only happen with the approval of others, so we know what we know only in others, we cannot know anything in ourselves. The most important of the references that tell us what we know are their projections, reflections.

For example, if we hear ringing bells in a rural area, even if we do not see it, he tells us that there is a sheep-goat cow herd in a place we cannot see but can hear in the future, with a shepherd and shepherd dogs.

Just a bell and a bell show that we know all these things, and if we turn it on, we will move away from the sound if we are afraid of the shepherd dog attack, but if we need help, we approach the sound, and so on. We know because everything we know exists on a scale, if it did not exist on a measure, nothing we know would be because we will never see what we see again, so every we see will be what we do not know and we would never know.

Although never knowing is a true reality, the only reason we know is that human perception, violated by the law of uncertainty, has created constants for itself within the existing laws of existence. That is, we are bodies and souls trapped in a continuous repetition of the like in a cyclical hermetic matrix.


Therefore, the flow, which is in fact uncertainty, becomes a reality in a narrow space within us, and the measurements we make in that area are always stable, so we know, or we would never have known. The way we know something is influenced by the way the brain processes it, the brain processes information, compares the two when a new flow of information arrives, and orders the motor cortex accordingly.

So the only reason we know is because the measurements are stored in snaps, stability and stability is that the brain arranges a mess in its own way. For example, you go to visit someone, there is a dog at the door, the man says “don’t be afraid, they won’t bite.” You don’t have this information, you have it. Again, you go to a yacht for a guest, screams coming from the upper floor at 12 at night, you worry, you say, “Don’t be afraid, there is nothing, the man is watching a movie”, these are the information that everybody gets by measuring the motor cortex and snaps. What else is measuring, does anyone have an idea? Another concept means to measure.

Measure means destiny. We have created you on a scale, that is, we have created you on a fate, our subject is destiny. So as long as you stay within the measured, your destiny is determined. If the measurements change, the fate also changes because the main thing is the law, that is, the law of measure appears as projective realities in the form of an array of possibilities in every measurement, but when there is an action to change the measurement, a new measurement is made subject to another law of creation.


Therefore, the only fate determined is laws, that is, the rules of the laws of measurement never change, but the fate of the person changes with different laws and measurements. Whose destiny is the fate mentioned? And let’s come to the subject of death, whose term is the term, with whom is the agreement made?