Metaphysical Creation


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Understanding Metaphysical Creation!

Being-Science (Ontology) are the basic questions? Where did we come from, where are we going, why were we created, what is the reason for our existence, why did God create the universe?

The answers you will find in this book are as follows; We did not come from anywhere, we are not going anywhere, our creation has no PURPOSE, among the reasons for our existence, there is ARDILLICITY-CAUSALITY.

GOD was not creative before becoming GOD, it was a structure that had the shape of EVER. It was the point itself, stuck in a point, and the point was the moment when the point multiplied by itself, duplicating the SAME – NONE to remove Nothing from each other, pushing NONE from the first NONE, and the creation-METAPHYSIC creation began, and NEVER created a creator from itself – GOD. The first thing God created was himself, the POWER OF CREATION. The UNIVERSE began to form as the creatures moved away from each other, together with the powers of CREATION, as the slaves of the MOVEMENT to line up with the ENERGY created by the VOICE-SPEAK – BE THE FIRST – command in a DIMENSION.

The starting material of the universe is METAPHYSIC and the starting ENERGY is METAPHYSIC. PHYSICAL structure – started with MATERIALS formed by coming together of certain points that were connected to each other by the CHALLENGING of the movement in different phases. In other words, METAPHYSIC FORCE, METAPHYSIC ENERGY and METAPHYSIC CREATION power have been CONSISTED into the laws of PHYSICS by cooling away from the initial energy. This is almost like an etheric substance being PAPERED into a bubble. As a metaphysical substance, the force of ETHERIC CREATION has been PERSPECT in the bubble material, but its potential includes CREATION and METAPHYSICAL force.

Where did CREATION begin? The answer to the question – Within each point, at the same time – continuity is an illusion – at the same time – at the same time – CREATION – METAPHYSICAL – Physics is nothing but the act of being CONSISTED within. We can call this event the process of the etheric – the metaphysical – the CRUSHING.

Being AWARE of our Being – that is, to have – CONSCIOUSNESS – means; It is a form of COMMUNICATION between the SEED-SHELL that we have established with the ROOT SEED – the GOD CONSCIOUSNESS that is PERSPECT in the shell. Our STRUCTURAL SPIRIT STATE, formed by the collective energy flows of the QUALITATIVE BOND and the SELF-SEED of other CREATION products, which passes through the shells – with SELF-SEED – forms the PARADISE itself.