Metaphysical Singularity


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The mind is not a system connected to this world – but the mind lives under the influence and influence of this universe. These, too, may differ from the way in which large mind-bounded minds are under the influence of these fluctuations – but the knowledge of the mind as a whole never changes – not redesigned – the creatures under the influence of this mental oscillation as AVATARs live the reality where the fluctuations happen.
This situation can be described as follows; it is not the wind itself but the ability to feel its effect.
Although the same wind blowing in half open window or in the middle of a hill . Those affected by these winds are affected by the location where they are located.

Consciousness-the mind-is only knowledge-that knowledge does not belong to this one, but it has fallen upon this universe-because it is both influenced and influenced by this universe-the creatures that come into contact with this mind-they feel alive-they are not alive at all- nothing else. it is nothing but the movement of energy that makes life possible.

Whoever recognizes this is no other than the mind – because the only witness is the mind – defines the movement of mind and says “living”. Therefore, in this phase, it does not arise from mortality – it is caused by the fact that there is no touch point for the mind, that is, the person who is rotten is not in the space, existing.

A dead person means that the microorganisms that make up that person are separated from the protocols and disperse, which destroys the existing structure and the mind does not exist as a whole, but the mind is no longer for that person but the experiences gained from that person. We know that information exists in the form of information modeling through other AVATARs. That person is still alive, but it is a new structure that is shaped by the combination of information that other AVATARs have made common mind. Because if a deceased person can not introduce new experience and knowledge to the system of the Mother Mind, it becomes the determinant of the others – if the link between this information decreases gradually – this structure is absorbed in the grand system and that information is caught in the wind within the main system – the last person who speaks about him …

Every time we die – we are both dead and alive – we die because the circle of death comes to the point where we stop – DEEP – we look – DEATH is just a touch. This is like connecting a mobile phone to a different Base Station. The base station that gives life to the phone is the current one. If there is no energy in that station – no further energy transfer takes place in the living organism and the person becomes DEATH –

So; life and death are related to CONNECTIONS – the attachment causes either the person to live or not to live anymore. The mechanism of breathing also tells this – LAST BREATH – the last move is called REPRESENT. In other words, the last breath is absolutely given – given the last breath the dymanics of nature, but the next BEFORE the no more taking a breath, PARADIGM changes.

In this case, a person giving LAST BLEED; as a paradigm rule, continue to take BEFORE elsewhere; or if you are unable to breathe in another phase – in the present case – if you can not take the breath – in this case – we know that it is necessary to die here in order to continue to live elsewhere or to continue living elsewhere.