Rematrixed Talks Book – 1: – 273 absolute cold – absolute love



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 Say, “What’s the name of your flower?” Say, “What’s the bird?” And “Why is that?” The box is wide open. Because you put him in yourself. Put the bird to yourself. Add the water to yourself. Put your knowledge to yourself. And such gradual, gradual fields occur. When the fields are created, you provide your own special Quantum Wrap. Very strange information overlaps in itself. It’s a systematic field for covering, in a strange world, like a point in a monolithic time. As the poet said, read this poem. Look, I’il solve your codes, I’il redo the new one. The tampon is the great man. It says; “.” Does he realize his awareness of what? I mean, the time is made of a mouthful, but in his control. Both inside and out, like it does …